Crowe allies with Global Strategies to reinforce its presence in Spain

The professional services firm incorporates Antonio Camuñas as a partner and head of Global Diplomacy


Crowe Legal Madrid office has signed a strategic alliance with Global Strategies, a leading firm in Spain in Corporate Diplomacy. This agreement will lead to the development of Crowe’s Global Diplomacy area, an entity with North American origins listed among the top ten professional services groups in the world.

The agreement was signed by managing partner Javier González Calvo and Antonio Camuñas, president of Global Strategies, who will become a partner and head of the Global Diplomacy area. Crowe currently employs more than 40,000 professionals with a turnover of over $4 billion.

Javier González Calvo, stated that “this agreement allows us to reinforce Crowe’s offer in an essential practice to operate efficiently in the market through access to the best information and the respective decision making areas, and we precisely do it with someone that has proven to be the undisputed leader of the sector in Spain”.

For Antonio Camuñas (pictured), a professional reference who introduced Corporate Diplomacy in Spain, “the agreement allows us to expand our professional scope exponentially, as we have a network of nearly 800 offices present in 130 countries at a key moment in which the concept of globalization is being redefined”.

Crowe Spain has presently a team of more than 300 professionals from different disciplines, including economists, lawyers, consultants and engineers, among others, distributed throughout the Spanish geography, with headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona.


Desire Vidal