Cristina Sancho new chairman of EJE&CON

The Spanish association of executives and directors Asociación Española de Ejecutiv@s y Consejer@s (EJE&CON) has elected Cristina Sancho Director of Corporate Affairs at Wolters Kluwer España Legal & Regulatory as chairman.

Since the foundation in 2015, the association has been led by Nerea Torres, CEO of Siemens Logistics Spain.

“Since its foundation 7 years ago, EJE&CON has not stopped growing thanks to the enthusiasm, generosity and execution capacity of its members, as well as many supporters and sponsors. We have always wanted EJE&CON to be a benchmark association in many areas, including good corporate governance. For this reason, we have set a limit to the terms of the presidency,” said Torres during her farewell speech.

Cristina Sancho, now President of EJE&CON, has served on the Board as Vice-President for many years. She has extensive professional experience: a law graduate and expert in corporate communication and sustainable leadership, she is Director of Corporate Affairs at Wolters Kluwer España LR and President of the Wolters Kluwer Foundation, which operates in justice, education and the environment through research, innovation and knowledge sharing.

“For my succession we were looking for a person with a professional position of maximum relevance, who could represent the level of executives that we have at EJE&CON. As well as more intangible aspects that make a difference, such as dedication, ethics, responsibility and commitment, among others. I believe that there is no person better qualified for a position of such high responsibility and commitment as Cristina Sancho”, said Torres.

For her part, the new president declared that “EJE&CON must consolidate its position as the benchmark for diversity in positions of high responsibility in all sectors; our unique mixed composition and our values identify us”.

In addition to the approval of the accounts and the change of president, the Assembly discussed the changes in the composition of the Board of Directors, with Beatriz García-Quismondo, Begoña Tiscar, Miriam Alcaide, María Luisa Melo, María del Castillo and Lidia Zommer joining as vice-presidents.