Corporate lawyers working more remotely

by ilaria iaquinta

Corporate lawyers work more from home than in the office. When they are working remotely, in-house lawyers spend an average of 65 minutes more per day working.

This is one of the findings of the “Legal affairs departments and remote work” survey conducted by Iberian Lawyer’s newsroom in collaboration with the Association of Corporate Counsel Europe Spain (ACCE Spain), to investigate the use that in-house legal departments are making of this working methodology. The survey involved a sample of around 100 lawyers belonging to Iberian in-house legal departments variegated in terms of size and business sector of the company they belong to (see dedicated box).

In particular, the average additional time is calculated on the total number of respondents by considering, on a weighted basis, those who say that remotely they work exactly as much as they do at the office (30%), those who say they work less (3%) and those who say they work more (67%). Among the latter 50% say they spend on average two hours more per day working, 29% one hour, 11% three hours, and 3% half an hour. By contrast, the very few who managed to reduce the time of their working day did so mainly by one hour (1%), although there are also some who gained two hours (1%).

While remote working lengthens the traditional working day, it also allows corporate lawyers to gain 57 minutes per day. This is indeed the average time saved by avoiding the home-office commute. Almost an additional hour to devote to free time (39% of respondents do or would do this) or to extra work (61%).