Confidence returns to Spain – Rousaud Costas Duran

The recent drop in asset prices in Spain has caught the attention of foreign investors that are eager to snap up bargains, says Adolf Rousaud, Managing Partner at Rousaud Costas Duran, which recently marked its tenth anniversary.

Confidence in the country is returning, he says, and with a substantial excess debt to cover, Spain continues to be an attractive market for investors.
“There is a recovery of trust in Spain on behalf of foreign investors, who have been attracted by this substantial drop in asset prices and the excess debt, which is having to be substituted by private equity coming in from external sources, given the lack of credit available from local banks,” Rousaud explains. “Spain is now a country with plenty of opportunities.”
Interest on behalf of investment funds in Spain’s real estate sector persists even as rental recovery remains slow, especially prime office space and shopping centres in Madrid and Barcelona, he explains, with the greatest interest from funds in the UK.
Meanwhile, interest on behalf of Spanish law firms towards other markets is also growing, says Rousaud, highlighting the importance of the Americas as a marketplace given its size, relative stability and potential for growth. “But Latin America is especially on the radar, in particular countries such as Brazil and Chile, with investment and M&A activity on the increase across various sectors.”
Both countries are of ‘high visibility’ to Spanish law firms, he adds, and Rousaud Costas Duran is no exception – the Firm currently has a presence throughout the Americas via several networks to which it belongs, and through which it is ensuring to capitalise on the opportunities in the region.