CLOC Spain: a Spanish-Speaking Legal Operations Community

CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) is a global nonprofit organization founded in 2016 to transform legal departments into strategic value units for companies by providing resources, events, and a community for legal operations professionals. Now is born its national branch, CLOC Spain, led by a team of professionals such as Eugenia Navarro (ESADE/LOIS), Gabriel Silva (TravelPerk), María Pedrosa (Repsol), and José María de la Jara (LOIS). Their main goal is to strengthen the legal operations community in Latin America, creating a community of Spanish-speaking, and focusing on professional development through collaboration and best practices.

According to Eugenia Navarro, “Connecting Spanish legal operations and the internal community with the global CLOC community opens immense opportunities for sharing knowledge, best practices, and collaborative innovation.” She emphasizes that “General counsels are under pressure to do more with less, leading to efforts to optimize external legal spending through RFPs, law firm panels, and renegotiated pricing structures.”

María Pedrosa adds, “Advancing our legal operations community in Spain provides an opportunity to drive significant improvements in legal practice management, fostering collaboration and innovation, knowledge sharing, technological integration, and shared leadership in global legal operations.”

Silva underscores the need to reevaluate working models in light of technological advances, and de la Jara stresses the commitment to consolidating an ecosystem that accelerates the evolution of legal departments.

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