Ceca Magán strengthens Commercial area

Rafael Vallet Vila has joined Ceca Magán Abogados as partner for the commercial area, led by Santiago Torent in the Barcelona office.

The lawyer has been practicing more than 25 years, advising foundations, associations, NGOs and non-profit social, cultural and educational entities, of recognised prestige in the sector. Graduated in law from for the UNED, he holds a master’s degree in tax advice and management from ESADE.

Vallet also has experience advising startups and entrepreneurs, including support in all phases, negotiating with investors and establishing agreements between partners. He is the secretary and deputy secretary of the Board of Directors in various influential digital and technological companies, such as BHH -Barcelona Health Hub- or Insurtech Community Hub, as well as in associations, NGOs and foundations such as Vicente Ferrer or the DKV Integralia.

Rafael Vallet said, “In addition to faithfully sharing the values ​​and style that prevail at Ceca Magán Abogados, we both have the same professional vision, the same seriousness and excellence in advising clients, which is why I fervently believe that we will achieve new milestones in the sector.”

Pictured above: Rafael Vallet (standing left), Santiago Torent (standing centre), Àlex Santacana (standing right), Patricia Rosell (seated left) and José Nicolás de Salas (seated right).

Michael Heron