Ceca Magán advises on the acquisition of Seguros Viafina

Ceca Mágan Abogados has advises BMS Group Iberia on the acquisition of Seguros Viafina with the aim of entering the Surety market.

The lawyers from the firm that has participated in this new move in M&A are José María Pastrana (partner), Esther Pérez García (director from the commercial and M&A area) and Gabriel Zuluaga Díaz de Olarte (lawyer at the commercial and M&A area) have participated in this negotiation.

This acquisition is a continuation of the company’s long-term strategic plans in the iberian region, reinforcing its current presence, together with the acquisition of Eisenar in november 2022.

Fernando Claro, CEO of BMS Iberia, said: “The team has extensive knowledge of the construction sector, the renewable energy sector and surety insurance. As always, our priority is to ensure that we are providing the highest quality service to our clients”.

Julia Gil