Abreu Advogados partner Carmo Sousa Machado appointed chair of Multilaw

Abreu Advogados partner Carmo Sousa Machado has become the first Portuguese woman to chair the Multinational Association of Independent Law Firms (Multilaw).

Sousa is currently head of Abreu Advogados’ labour law practice. In 2004, she become the first woman to become managing partner of Abreu Advogados, a role she held until 2007. She became the first woman chair of the Abreu Advogados board in 2017.  

Sousa said: “Chairing an association that is present in around 100 countries – and which represents around 10,000 lawyers – and managing to improve on the great deal that has already been done by previous chairs, will mean a lot of hard work and creativity, but I will be helped by a fantastic team. I am very grateful for the trust that has been placed in me.”

Juan fernandez