Capitalising on your global network – Uría Menéndez

With the crisis increasingly driving Iberian companies to look for opportunities abroad, a worldwide network is essential, as is choosing the right firms to partner with.

The current climate is even more of an incentive for businesses and law firms to practise at an international level, says Jaime Folguera, Partner and Head of the Competition practice at Uría Menéndez in Madrid. “Therefore, for law firms to be able to participate in the big transactions, they must be able to provide transnational services.”
For a long time, Uría Menéndez has developed a strategy based on having a global network and maintaining very close relationships with the top independent law firms in the main jurisdictions around the world.
“Clients working with Uría Menéndez in Iberia expect to obtain top quality services in all jurisdictions,” says Folguera, “therefore we foster law firm relationships based on a common culture, level of knowledge and quality of services that allows the client to be serviced in a fully integrated and identical way”. Frequently known as a ‘best friends’ relationship, theirs includes Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal in Argentina and Dias Carneiro Advogados in Brazil, for example.
“Above all else, what we look for is ‘quality’,” he adds, “which comes from a profound knowledge of the legal system, the jurisdiction and its institutions. But they also need to have the capacity to provide the client with useful advice and workable solutions”.
While many global, as well as Spanish, firms have opened their own network of offices around the world, Uría Menéndez are instead bettering their collaboration with other leading independent firms, driven by a need to follow clients whose operations are increasingly international.
The aim is to carefully reinforce their positioning. “This allows the firm to do what it does best,” says Folguera, “to provide high quality services in Iberia and worldwide.”