Capelleras & Villagra-Noriega opens new office in Madrid

Capelleras & Villagra-Noriega (ETL Group) has opened a new office in Madrid. Raquel Catalán Medina will be in charge of the office located at Calle Goya 15, Madrid

This office reflect their commitment to continue growing and to continue providing their tax advisory services, especially in the field of corporate taxation, tax inspection procedures and subsequent challenges before the Courts.

Raquel Catalán Medina, lawyer and economist, will be in charge of the new office. She is a tax adviser specialized in tax litigation, defending the rights of tax payers in all instances up to the Supreme Court. She collaborates in tax advice to individuals and companies, achieving the best decision making within the economy of choice.

She started her career at AISEC as a finance trainee, and later as a finance manager. Then, she joined the tax department of Fieldfisher. She has been with the Capelleras & Villagra-Noriega firm in Barcelona for almost 3 years. First as senior tax adviser and now as director of the Madrid office.

Raquel Catalán shared on her social networks: “Thank you for the trust you have placed in me! Here’s to a successful journey Jordi Capelleras (partner) and Víctor Villagra Noriega (partner)”.

Julia Gil