Caiado Guerreiro advises on change of Olympus premises

Following the company’s expansion policy, Olympus started, in 2019, the construction of a new building for the subsidiary Olympus Medical Products Portugal, located in the Technological Park Coimbra iParque, in Antanhol and developing its activity in the Healthcare sector.

This new building has a production area of about 15,500 thousand meters, creating more job opportunities in Coimbra and contributing to the region’s socio-economic development.

Caiado Guerreiro advised on all legal issues inherent to the company’s expansion project for the new building at the Coimbra – iParque technology park.

The team was led by Ricardo Rodrigues Lopes, partner, Maria Margarida Torres, partner, Zuzanna Maria Sadlowska, associate, and trainee-lawyer João Sismeiro Pereira. They assisted the whole process, from the necessary steps for the land acquisition, licensing, construction contracts, service provision, financing, factory operationalisation, and labour issues related with the workers’ movement to the new facilities.

Ricardo Rodrigues Lopes explains that it was a process: “in which a great teamwork was accomplished along more than two years, having this close relationship between Caiado Guerreiro team and Olympus enabled the conclusion of the project on time and without mishaps.”

“This partnership allowed Olympus to have a greater speed and efficiency in all legal steps necessary to implement the project. Furthermore, the interaction of Olympus with all the Caiado Guerreiro team was always very positive and fostered through open and frequent communication,” said Eduardo Gonçalves, responsible for the Legal and Compliance department of Olympus Medical Products Portugal.

João Caiado Guerreiro, Caiado Guerreiro managing partner, explained that the firm: “has been giving legal advice to Olympus for 20 years, since it started its activity in Portugal, having also represented the company in the acquisition of the previous facilities, as well as in several acquisitions of companies in Portugal. In these two decades we have given Olympus our legal services in several areas, from commercial and corporate law, to real estate, labour, financial and tax law.”

Michael Heron