Brazilian and European investors keen on Portuguese deals – PLMJ

The Portuguese economy will start to expand again as foreign investors step up their interest in the country, according to PLMJ partner Nuno da Cunha Barnabé.

“Portugal will resume growth,” he says. “We are already seeing a lot of interest and investment in the Portuguese market again, and this is particularly coming from Europe and Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Brazil.”
Da Cunha Barnabé adds that Portugal is becoming increasingly exposed to international deals. “If we are doing work involving Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, for example, we need to be able to deliver all that work through one interface with the client – this is increasingly valued by clients and demands more intervention from senior lawyers,” he says.
Da Cunha Barnabé says PLMJ will continue to look for opportunities to expand in Portuguese-speaking countries. “Oil prices going up and down affects Africa, but it doesn´t mean there will be a stop on investment,” he says. “When you are in Africa, you have to understand that political regimes have their limitations and there are issues with bureaucracy and systems of administration, but this is the way it goes.”