Keith Farlinger

BDO and Microsoft renew their strategic alliance to promote the middle market through digital excellence

BDO, one of the largest global professional services firms, and Microsoft have announced the renewal of their strategic alliance to offer high value-added solutions for BDO clients around the world.

The alliance between BDO and Microsoft has three specific objectives: Value creation through digital excellence for BDO’s middle market clients; leveraging the Microsoft ‘cloud’ to accelerate BDO’s digital services and ultimately bring the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud to a broader audience.

This three-year agreement will give BDO access to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 to offer an ever-expanding range of innovative digital solutions and services to BDO customers around the world.

With the support of BDO’s extensive experience and knowledge as a leader in the middle market, clients throughout the firm’s international network will be able to take advantage of Microsoft Cloud, Data and AI, Security and Compliance offerings to drive digital transformation in their organizations.

This agreement will reach an estimated number of more than 775,000 clients in the next three years, which will allow BDO to continue its commitment to address the data protection and compliance needs of clients.

The application of artificial intelligence and the expansion of the range of solutions and services in the Microsoft cloud will also allow BDO to offer customers innovative solutions that accompany them on their journey to achieve a positive social and business impact.

In addition, BDO will use Microsoft’s industry ‘clouds’, including clouds for sustainability, financial services, healthcare and retail, to provide customers with the clouds they need to transform and grow their business.

Keith Farlinger, Global CEO of BDO, has celebrated this agreement: “I am very pleased with the expansion of our strategic alliance with Microsoft. It brings together two leading global brands and provides great opportunities for both in executing the mission of our organizations around the world. the world: helping people achieve more With the support of Microsoft, BDO is innovating its advisory delivery and digitally managed service offerings, further driving our digital excellence and transforming the way we conduct our business both at global and local Leveraging Microsoft technologies to power BDO services will add value and enable growth for our clients and our organization.”