Barcelona companies that survived the crisis represent good potential clients for law firms – Lener

 Barcelona-based businesses that survived the crisis have demonstrated they are sustainable and consequently represent good potential clients for law firms, according to Lener partner Santiago Torent.

 “During that recovery process, local companies’ resilience has been proven, and now we must focus on those companies, which are working well internationally, as these are the opportunities.”

Torent argues that Barcelona has the potential to be Spain’s international hub for relationships with foreign markets, including France, North Africa and the Latin American countries. However, he says the new challenge for Barcelona is to remain politically stable. “Now the crisis has passed, we can be among the most important European countries,” he says, adding that, law firms need to change their perspective from the local to the international as this is an arena in which Barcelona has a big role to play. However, the city needs to prove that it can fulfil that role. “I think the city can be as important within Spain as Frankfurt or Milan are in Germany and Italy,” Torent says. He adds that the crisis taught law firms to be more multidisciplinary by working on tax and finance issues, as well as legal matters.