Aranzadi LA LEY and AEDAF renew their alliance

Bernardo Bande García-Romeu (pictured right), President of AEDAF, and Vicente Sánchez Velasco (pictured left), CEO of Aranzadi LA LEY, have reaffirmed their organizations’ partnership for the year 2024. This alliance aims to continue providing tax advisory professionals with the latest training tools and specialized information.

Under this agreement, Aranzadi LA LEY will continue its primary sponsorship of AEDAF’s most significant events, which bring together over 3,500 university graduates specializing in tax matters and focused primarily on tax advisory services. The collaboration also extends to the provision of information and training in areas of common interest to both organizations.

AEDAF members will exclusively benefit from high-value services and products offered by LA LEY. The Gabinete de Estudios webpage, developed by LA LEY, features a robust search engine for technical documentation and publications, along with comprehensive jurisprudence, legislation, and administrative doctrine relevant to the tax field. Members will also have access to laleydigital, a leading expert solution for lawyers, as well as a wide selection of journals, monographs, reports, and updatable content in the Legalteca digital library.

The signing took place during the XVII AEDAF Encounter, the 2024 National Study Day, where nearly three hundred professionals gathered to share their experiences and attend six panel discussions led by twenty renowned experts in the sector. The event addressed issues that will undoubtedly shape the immediate future of corporate taxation and its relationship with the Tax Administration, including the implementation of corrective self-assessments, the introduction of electronic invoicing in the private sector, minimum taxation in the Corporate Income Tax, and the Directive on Pillar II – global minimum taxation.