António Lobo Xavier New Chairman of EDP

António Lobo Xavier, a partner at Morais Leitão since 2006, is set to leave the law firm to assume the role of Chairman of EDP‘s General and Supervisory Board (GSB). Selected by EDP’s major shareholders to succeed João Talone, Lobo Xavier will head the supervisory body of the executive committee.

The current composition of EDP’s GSB includes 16 members, with nine serving as independents, including the chairman. The remaining seven represent two key shareholders: China Three Gorges, with a 20.86% ownership and four representatives, and the Spanish Masavéu Foundation, holding 6.8% and two representatives. Notable independent directors include Esmeralda Dourado, João Carvalho das Neves, and Sofia Salgado.

Lobo Xavier’s departure from Morais Leitão eliminates potential conflicts of interest between the law firm’s services and his new role at the electricity company, aligning with legal and corporate governance standards.

Beyond his legal career, Lobo Xavier has held non-executive positions in Sonae group companies, serves as non-executive vice-chairman at BPI, and has contributed to organizations such as Casa da Música and Fundação Serralves. Known for his involvement in reorganization, restructuring operations, and mergers and acquisitions, he has also played a key role in succession planning for various companies’ shareholders.

A founder of Osório de Castro, Verde Pinho, Vieira Peres, Lobo Xavier e Associados in 1989, he remained a partner until the merger with Morais Leitão in 2006. Additionally, he actively participates in various arbitrations, serving as an arbitrator for the Centro de Arbitragem Administrativa (CAAD). Furthermore, Lobo Xavier acts as an advisor to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.