Andersen Iberia exceeds 50 million in turnover in 2023, 25% more than the previous year

Andersen Iberia, firm led by José Vicente Morote, has closed 2023 with a 25% increase in turnover in the last year to reach 50.35 million euros, thus achieving three years of exponential growth. Specifically, in Spain, the firm has increased its income by 23.2% to 47.2 million euros.

From 22.5 to 50.35 million euros in three years

The firm has thus achieved three years of exponential growth in which turnover has increased by 123.5%, going from 22.5 to 50.35 million euros. This has been reflected in considerable growth in all offices, “especially significant in those that have greater development capacity” shared in a statement from the firm.

Growth by region

In particular, those with greater weight such as Madrid or Valencia have increased around 20%, while those with more recent openings have increased by high percentages such as Barcelona with 26%, Seville with 51% or Lisbon with 65% more than the year. former. This allows the firm to have a “great territorial balance”, given that although Madrid is the flagship of the firm, representing 58% of the total turnover, Valencia has a strong contribution with 23%, and Barcelona, Seville, Malaga and Lisbon contribute 19% of the office’s results, of which Malaga already accounts for 2% in its first year since the office opened.

Growth by practices

Traditional practices are those that make the greatest contribution to billing, such as commercial (representing 26%), procedural (19%), fiscal (18%) or public (16%), but with great stability in the rest from areas such as labor, culture, real estate, economics or legaltech. In this sense, José Vicente Morote, managing partner of Andersen in Iberia, has stated that “the distribution of turnover between areas shows that we are committed to sustainable growth, in which the weight of the office is balanced thanks to the commitment to specialization and the incorporation of various teams with great capabilities and very sophisticated.”

Growth of professionals

Regarding the evolution of the staff, the number of professionals, that is, those who contribute to the generation of business, has grown by 20% to reach 353 lawyers and economists, of which 74 are partners (69 in Spain and 5 in Portugal). Added to them are 91 people who make up the central structure, which represents a total of 444 people at the end of 2023. At this point, the Managing Partner of the Firm has emphasized that “not only do we maintain a strong commitment to the career professional of young people, as a basis for the future of the Firm, but we take care of senior talent, who adds great knowledge and expertise to the practices.”

Andersen International

Andersen has added new jurisdictions and teams. This has allowed us to increase international coverage until we have more than 425 offices in more than 170 countries and a team of more than 15,000 people and more than 2,000 partners.

Finally, Morote explained Andersen’s new Roadmap for the next four years and insisted that in the coming years growth will continue in the Madrid office, of course, and also in the offices in Barcelona, Seville, Malaga and Lisbon, which are already advancing at a good pace, and has indicated that “territorial coverage would be covered with an upcoming opening of headquarters in Bilbao, which will allow us to provide service throughout the peninsula and advance our model of developing capabilities in all offices to be a main reference actor in all the cities in which we are present.”

Julia Gil