Ana Gomez will continue to lead Asnala

The National Association of Labor Lawyers (Asnala) has proclaimed Ana Gómez Hernández, labour partner at Ceca Magán, as president for the next three years after completing the electoral process that began on September 4. Her candidacy has been the only one presented, having the necessary endorsements and stipulated in the statutes of the association to be able to occupy the position.

The labor lawyer, who has been at the head of Asnala since 2017, will face her third term as president with new objectives aimed at both improving the services provided to associates and advancing the profession. In addition, Gómez has been linked to the association’s Board of Directors for 17 years.

Upon learning of the election results, Ana Gómez assured that “in these 6 years as president of Asnala I have not lost the desire and enthusiasm for this great project, I feel that Asnala is a very important part of my life and I believe that this new mandate is an opportunity to reflect on everything we have achieved in recent years and to look at where and how we should move forward”.

For this new stage, Gómez will be accompanied by her fellow Board members Valentín García, Cinta Vivancos, Pilar Cascón, Alberto Novoa, Alicia Moro, Concepción González, Jesús Lahera, José Ramón Fernández, Juan Manuel Ortiz, María José Ramo and Pere Vidal. The inauguration will be held on October 28, at the Extraordinary General Assembly scheduled for the XXIII Asnala Congress.

As the first woman to accede to the presidency of Asnala, for Ana Gómez it is also an “immense honor to represent the colleagues through this position, I believe that from the association we have taken outstanding steps in terms of parity and equality and, of course, it will continue to be a central axis of all our activity”.

Julia Gil