A+Familias and Allen & Overy Join Forces for Legal Support

A+Familias, a social organization supporting families in vulnerable situations, is enhancing its partnership with Allen & Overy. This collaboration aims to provide legal guidance to families participating in the NGO’s program, offering support in crucial legal matters for their well-being and stability.

The alliance between the organization and the law firm began in September 2022. Since then, through its Probono program, a total of 54 families have received legal guidance at the association’s headquarters. This service has become a trusted space where individuals raise concerns regarding their legal situation. Through the expert insights of specialized lawyers, assisted families discover alternatives and pathways to resolution, supported throughout the process by both A+Familias and Allen & Overy.

Lawyers from firm have provided specialized advice in various legal areas, including criminal aspects such as coercion, fraud, and gender-based violence; labor issues such as working conditions and dismissals; civil matters such as evictions, divorce agreements, and child support; as well as in the field of public assistance, such as the Minimum Vital Income (IMV), with immigration and civil law being the most concerning topics for the families receiving the service.

The impact of this alliance is reflected in the perceptions of the assisted families. According to surveys conducted with users who received legal guidance, 80% considered the service “adequate and effective.” Furthermore, the partnership between the social organization and the law firm is a testament to the transformative power achieved when leading organizations come together to make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.

“From A+Familias, we are deeply grateful for the ongoing collaboration and commitment of Allen & Overy in our mission to support families in vulnerable situations. This alliance demonstrates the transformative power achieved when leading organizations come together to make a real difference in people’s lives,” says Javier Dias de la Fuente, founder and director of A+Familias.

“Guiding users of A+Familias has allowed me to firsthand understand the difficulties and needs they face, as well as their life stories, dreams, and hopes,” says Daniel Cruz, lawyer at Allen & Overy. “I have learned a lot about the social and legal reality of our country, about the existing resources and regulations, and about the barriers that still persist. I have received countless lessons on humility, effort, and resilience from many of the users,” he adds.