Abreu appoints managing partner

Portuguese firm Abreu Advogados has appointed Duarte de Athayde as managing partner.

He succeeds Miguel Castro Pereira, who assumed the role in 2011.

De Athayde becomes the fourth managing partner of Abreu Advogados, following Carmo Sousa Machado (2004-07), Miguel Teixeira de Abreu (2007-2011) and Pereira (2011-2014).

De Athayde has been a partner ay Abreu Advogados since 2006.  His expertise includes structuring foreign investment in Portugal, though his work primarily relates to corporate law and mergers and acquisitions particularly in the real estate sector.

“Since its foundation, Abreu Advogados has envisaged establishing a structure that allows it to exist and function with an identity that goes beyond the life of its founders or partners at any given time,” said Duarte de Athayde. “We wanted to create a ‘larger than life’ structure, and this is a fantastic ambition.”

Ben Cook