Abencys launches Maritime Law area

Abencys has incorporated Daniel Bosch as of counsel to lead a new area that combines the disciplines of Maritime and Insolvency Law

The firm Abencys, specialised in Restructuring, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, has hired Daniel Bosch Wood (pictured) as of counsel (LLM Southampton), specialist in Maritime Law and its Insurance, aiming to create synergies between both disciplines. In this way, Abencys offers a new area of services to any company in the maritime sector that requires joint professional action from both specialities as well as the judicial administration of shipping companies. In this way, Abencys strengthens its position with a permanent office in the Canary Islands.

The combination of both specialities responds to the need for specific knowledge of each discipline required in companies’ Insolvency proceedings in the Maritime sector. In this way, the aim is to join forces, provide the necessary resources to carry out these specific processes appropriately and offer both current and potential clients a comprehensive service in both areas of specialisation.

The agreement is marked by the merger of the knowledge of Daniel Bosch, new of counsel of Abencys, in Maritime Law and the experience of the Madrid firm in Insolvency matters. For his part, Bosch has more than 20 years’ experience in Maritime Law, both nationally and internationally, and has also been an Insolvency administrator since 2004 and judicial auditor of shipping companies since 2007.

“This alliance is based on the uniqueness of combining the practice of Maritime Law with that of Insolvency, as well as showing experience in judicial administration, in this case of shipping companies. We will work in a coordinated manner to offer the best solutions and advice to any company in the sector that requires it,” said Daniel Bosch.

For his part, Javier Díaz Gálvez, partner and founder of Abencys, stated that “the multidisciplinary team we have, together with the training and specialisation in the Maritime field, will favour the channelling and coordination of the work towards a common objective of integrated solutions, without the need for those affected to have to resort to separate services.”

The aim is to reach a larger number of clients in the maritime sector who are involved in a refinancing or insolvency situation and who require, at the same time, specific knowledge in Maritime matters. Similarly, the firm will offer experience in administration and judicial intervention to bodies such as the Audiencia Nacional (National High Court) or the Asset Recovery and Management Office. In this way, Abencys strengthens its position with a permanent office in the Canary Islands.

Desire Vidal