Xavier Ruiz

A Spanishman in New York

“We are American and Spanish lawyers at the same time.” Xavier Ruiz is the founder of RC Law, a boutique that started in 2017 with offices in New York and Miami. The lawyer grew up and studied in Barcelona and has had a fledging career in the US since the 1980s.

by michael heron

“You hear it in my accent when I talk, I’m an Englishman in New York.” This is the famous lyric from Sting to describe his experience of being a foreigner spending time in the US. Xavier Ruiz, founding partner of RC Law, is no stranger to the States, however, having practiced in New York for over 20 years in some
of the world’s leading law firms. His time in the US market has included at firms such as Baker McKenzie, K&L Gates and Holland & Knight.

Since founding his boutique in January 2017, the firm has grown from strength to strength, with recent clients including ACS, Telxius (Telefonica), Wallbox, Desigual, Grupo Eulen, Planeta, Insudpharma, Falabella and Chopard.

The story of Xavier Ruiz is a fascinating one. The lawyer grew up in Barcelona and graduated from law school at the Universitat de Barcelona. Xavier admits that while he loved his time in Barcelona, and is very proud of his origins, 1985 was a turning point in his career. He had the opportunity to attend the University of California, Berkeley – School of law, as a Fulbright Scholar. “Initially I did not consider staying in the United States because I knew that when I finished my LLM I would have to return to Spain. I worked at Baker McKenzie in San Francisco and then Chicago during the year and a half of internships.”


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