8th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition

This annual event is the only moot devoted exclusively to international commercial mediation and it is ICC’s biggest educational event. In 2013, ICC expects around 70 participating university teams and over 120 professional mediators and corporate representatives from more than 40 countries to participate in this unique event.

What is the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition?

During the Competition, university students face complex, international business problems, which they attempt to resolve by mediation conducted under the ICC Amicable Dispute Resolution (ADR) Rules.

By participating in the Competition, students get the unique opportunity to exercise their negotiating and problem-solving skills in mock sessions guided by some of the world’s leading professional mediators who participate in the Competition as judges.

The ICC International Centre for ADR also organizes training sessions that take place during the Competition for participating professionals to share their experiences and best practices with other professionals and students.

Universally recognized for its important contribution to nurturing best practices in cross-border business mediation, the Competition enjoys the support of practitioners, academics, law firms and corporations worldwide.

Who can participate?

Students: Each participating university can nominate one team consisting of no more than four students. Each team, including teams from business schools, needs to include at least one law student. Teams may be accompanied by one coach. Most university teams are nominated by law and business schools.

Professionals: Thoroughly trained and experienced commercial mediators and other dispute resolution professionals who want to act as mediators, judges or observers during the Competition.

Sponsors: Sponsorship opportunities are varied and flexible. Individualized sponsorship packages may be created to ensure each sponsor’s specific interests and target audiences are met.

General Information

All written and oral communication during the Competition shall take place in English.

Each participant is responsible for his or her own expenses. The registration fee per Team is calculated with reference to the number of students participating in the Team.

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