15 July 2014




Revenue increasing at most large firms in Spain
Eight of the ten biggest law firms in Spain increased their revenue in 2013, according to new data.
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Think tank reignites Spanish energy sector arbitration controversy
Report accuses foreign investors of hunting for profits in Europe´s crisis countries, and says Spain´s ´solar dream´ has become a nightmare. Read more

Lawyer liability cases increasing in Iberia
Lawyers liability cases going to court have increased three-fold in the last decade, anecdotal evidence suggests, so what steps can lawyers take to reduce the risk of being sued? Read more

Iberian SMEs still `unaware´ of need for compliance
Non-compliant small and medium-sized enterprises in Spain and Portugal continue to risk losing potential investment and supply chain contracts and could face criminal charges. Read more

Today´s online session: New Times, New Strategies?

Free session. 19:00h CET
With many markets now reporting an upturn in demand for legal services,
what will that mean in practical terms for those who provide them?

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15th July

Online session
Negotiating the right deal: Infrastructure projects in Latin America

What are the current risks and opportunities associated with
Latin America´s new legal framework?

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16th Sep

Madrid Annual Report 2014

The fight intensifies

Is the crisis over? Yes, say some lawyers who point to an increase in foreign investment in Spain and more M&A activity as evidence of an economy in recovery. Indeed, it is true that more money is being ploughed into Spain – for example, statistics show that Spain´s retail investment market grew almost three-fold in 2013.
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For more comment on the Madrid legal market :
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Special Focus: Profesional indemnity 2014

More clients suing for negligence

The number of court cases involving professional negligence claims against lawyers in Iberia is increasing due to clients being better informed about their rights, law firms employing fewer fee earners and more junior lawyers increasingly being used on cases and deals. So how can law firms reduce the risk of being sued for negligence?
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Law Firm Profile

Emerging threat
EY Abogados is planning significant expansion in the coming years, but are its ambitions to be recognised as a multi-disciplinary firm realistic?
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News Focus

Lisbon reborn?
A new era has dawned in Portugal. Following a clean exit from the EU bailout, coupled with three consecutive quarters of GDP growth, a sense of optimism has returned to Lisbon.
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Legal updates

Construction– Portugal
New regime for rehabilitating old

By Teresa Feire

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Labour– Spain
New flat contribution rate for business fees for indefinite contracts
By Gema García-Aragón
Rivero & Gustafson

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