Friday 17 November 2017
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Legitimising the “right to be forgotten”

The European Court of Justice now has the opportunity to define the boundaries of the “right to be forgotten” by search engines, says José Antonio Perales Gallego
In January 2011, I presented an argument to the Spanish Audiencia Nacional (Federal Court) that the “right to be forgotten” protects a person’s ability to clear the Internet of all irrelevant information about them and to preserve their reputation – but it is not a new right.


Interview: José Ramos, Dean of the UEM Law School - "Preparing lawyers to find jobs"

Following on from the series of interviews on how Spanish law schools are adapting to the Bologna process, Ticket2Law had the opportunity to talk to José Ramos, Dean of the Faculty of the Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM).
The UEM is a young university with an international focus, and from the beginning has used a methodology based on the Bologna process, so adapting to the new legislative changes has not been difficult. "The only recent change has been introducing the concept of Degrees, but overall we have had a very smooth transition," says José Ramos Dean of the UEM.


Forum 2010: La función estratégica del paralegal

Un grupo de 25 profesionales de despachos líderes como Uría Menéndez, Garrigues, Freshfields, o Linklaters, entre otros, asesores jurídicos de empresa y  representantes de facultades de Derecho líderes en España se dieron cita en la V edición del Forum 2010 de Iberian Lawyer sobre el futuro de la profesión.



In-House College 2011

¿Más por menos? Liderazgo y estrategias efectivas de gestión de la función jurídica y de cumplimiento normativo en las empresas.
Jornada práctica e interactiva siguiendo el modelo de MBA, para asesores jurídicos internos y responsables de cumplimiento normativo de empresas.


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