Friday 17 November 2017
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Legal Profession

To Master or not to Master? Junior lawyers seeking competitive advantage

This current year has seen sweeping changes for law students in Spain but at last, the ongoing uncertainty experienced over the past 6 years seemed to end when the law was passed by Parliament. Under new regulation, finally approved in May 2012, one must now possess a Master’s degree in Legal Practice (Master de Acceso a la Abogacía) to take the bar exam, which one needs to pass in order to become a practicing lawyer.


Actions speak louder than words

newfocus2The economic crisis is fast becoming business as usual, and domestic law firms urgently need to take action if they are to exist in a post-crisis landscape. They need to make tough decisions, say lawyers, and, most importantly, they need to be doing it now.


Innovation and entrepreneurship: Factors that count, contexts that stimulate

I&E is crucial if firms want to compete in today’s market and achieve their objectives, says Carlos Valls
Under the current economic climate, clients are demanding more for less and law firms are looking to retain existing clients while seeking more, eroding the competitors’ market share. Intuition tells us that to achieve these objectives, they need to incorporate an important dose of innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E).
By ‘innovation’, I mean the incorporation of new services and different ways of providing or improving these services. By ‘entrepreneurship’, the attitude that leads to investing resources in getting new clients or more work from, or to better service, existing ones.


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