Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía grants its annual awards

Last Thursday, Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía held the second edition of its awards, which took place at the Espacio Bertelsmann in Madrid and was attended by the Regional Minister for Family, Youth and Social Policy of the Community of Madrid, Concepción Dancausa and the Deputy Mayoress of Madrid, Begoña Villacis.
Through these awards, the organisation recognises the different initiatives that contribute to promote the values and objectives of the foundation, such as: financial and savings culture, legal talent, social commitment and ageing.
Miguel Moreno Mendieta, a journalist specialised in financial information, received the Family Savings Observatory Award for the best journalistic work in promoting savings and financial planning for his article “How to save and invest according to age”.
Among the three finalists in this category: Susana Criado, journalist for radio Intereconomía; Diana Esperanza de la Parra, journalist for Expansión; and Miguel Moreno Mendieta for Cinco Días, the latter was the winner, receiving a cash prize of €10,000.
The Foundation also awarded the Escuela de Pensamiento Prize to the Gil Gayarre Foundation’s “Envejecer bien” project, for being a programme that seeks to generate processes of dignified, active and healthy ageing in people with intellectual disabilities through the development of a model of care for elderly people with disabilities based on their empowerment, encouraging the development of a life project based on their health, good treatment and with a vision of the future with the support of their families.
On the other hand, Victoriano López Pinto, trustee of the Foundation together with Luis Ernesto González de Lara Ponte, participant of the awarded social initiative, received the award from the President of the Scientific Council of the School of Thought, José Miguel Rodríguez Pardo, together with one of its members, María Durban.
Also, the Luzón Foundation was the winner of the Commitment to the 2030 Agenda Award for its project “Respiro para el ELA”, which provides respiratory therapies at home for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

María José Arregui Galán- Fundación Luzón

Rocio Cobo, one of the promoters of Artificia AI Legal Office, picked up the award Artificia AI (pictured), which was €10,000 and aims to establish a virtual legal office to advise technology companies on their new legal obligations when they develop or use artificial intelligence, in accordance with the new european regulations planned for 2022.

The second prize of €5,000 was awarded to Césico, whose working group is made up of Juan Carlos Rivera Domínguez, Alejandra Izaguirre, Mateo Hernández and Mateo Hernández. The team has introduced a credit rights platform where users with a potential legal claim can sell it to lawyers through an auction system.
The third prize in the second edition of the Legal Entrepreneurship Lab went to the project
Orion Blue, which received €3,000.
Finally, Gonzalo Isidoro Cobo Sanz and Ignacio González del Yerro Velo de Antelo received the Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía 2021 Excellence Award. This year’s jury considered that there should have been two winners, both students of the master’s degree in access to the legal profession at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Gonzalo Isidoro Cobo Sanz

Gonzalo Isidoro Cobo Sanz, was awarded for his work “El secreto profesional del abogado frente a la DAC” and Ignacio González del Yerro Velo de Antelo was awarded for his work “DAC vs secreto profesional de los abogados”.
The winners received the €10,000 prize that accompanies the award and, in addition, they will receive the payment of the collegiate fees for the first two years of practice and two annual fees of the Universal Mutuality Plan for Lawyers.
The second prize was awarded to Amalia Álvarez Vázquez from the University of Santiago de Compostela for her work entitled: “La libertad de expresión en el ejercicio de la abogacía”. The third prize was awarded to Ana María Castro Franco, from the University of León for her work: “La suspensión de vistas por maternidad o paternidad de los profesionales de la abogacía”.

After the presentation of all the prizes, Begoña Villacís and Concepción Dancausa, gave a closing speech.

Irina Wakstein