ETL Global incorporates García Larraínzar law firm

ETL Global grows in Catalonia by adding the law firm García Larraínzar which, in turn, is integrated through ETL ILIA, a member firm of the group since 2016.

Image: Arnau Moranta, partner of ETL Global, CEO and managing partner of ETL ILIA and Mario Garcia Sánchez, founding partner of Garcia Larraínzar.

García Larraínzar

García Larraínzar, with an outstanding track record in the legal and economic fields, is distinguished by “its tireless dedication to protecting the interests of its clients, providing a highly personalized and top-quality service” they have shared in a group press release . The firm is recognized for its emphasis on fostering trust and commitment in the attorney-client relationship, which aligns perfectly with ETL ILIA’s philosophy. García Larraínzar has always focused on thoroughly understanding the various business sectors, which allows him to offer comprehensive advice in the different areas of private law to meet the specific needs of his clients.

With this addition, ETL ILIA strengthens its ability to provide comprehensive tax and legal advice, covering diverse industry sectors such as marine, services, sports and events, technology and startups, industry, health, food and hospitality, finance, energy, real estate, engineering, construction, retail and textile, marketing and advertising, as well as automotive.

Julia Gil