Movicortes appoints Daniel Proença de Carvalho new president

Daniel Proença de Carvalho has been appointed Movicortes Group´s Board president 



The former Uría Menéndez-Proença de Carvalho’s managing partner was appointed  Movicortes Group’s board new president replacing Teofilo Santos, also a lawyer.

It wasn’t the only change in the organization: Catarina Vieira became the owner of the 100% of the company, which used to be shared with her sister. The Board of Trustees of the company begins its two years term and its members, besides Proença de Carvalho, are Catarina Vieira, Arnaldo Sapinho, Pedro Ribeiro, and Rui Pereira.

Movicortes has almost 40 years of existence, and is present in Angola and Mozambique. The group´s headquarters is in Leiria, and its investments are spread in areas as industrial equipment, automobile, wine or media. There are 188 employees in the group, reporting more than €58 million in sales.

Daniel Proença de Carvalho (pictured) retired last year from the law practice after 50 years of work. His last position was Uria Menendez-Proença de Carvalho’s managing partner, a firm where he was working for ten years after the merging of his own practice with Uria. Presently he is a member in the patronage of the Professor Uria Foundation. Besides, he is still Global Media’s Board president, a group who owns journals as Diário de Notícias and Jornal de Notícias. He also was appointed for public office in the past: he was a Minister in the Fourth Constitutional Administration, with president Mota Pinto (1978-79), and president of the Board at the Radio Televisão Portuguesa (1980-83).

Antonio Jimenez Morato