gonzalo susaeta cuatrecasas

Cuatrecasas advises on dismissal for the “Villarejo Case”

Cuatrecasas has advised Mr. Rafael Orbegozo, former chief of staff of the Iberdrola presidency, on his defense in part 17 of the “Caso tandem” or “Caso Villarejo”, referring to the alleged hiring by Iberdrola of the company Cenyt. Following Cuatrecasas’ express request, the Head Investigating Magistrate of the Central Investigating Court No. 6 of the National High Court decreed on March 11 the provisional dismissal of Mr. Orbegozo, upon verifying that there was no evidence of a crime on his part.

After one of the private accusations appealed said dismissal on appeal before the Criminal Chamber of the National Court, Cuatrecasas showed his opposition to said appeal based on insisting on the non-concurrence of evidence of any crime, while reiterating ultimately the obvious prescription that would concur in the case. Thus, this past June 3, the aforementioned Chamber resolved said appeal by pointing out, first of all, that they shared the instructor’s opinion in the sense that there was no participation, knowledge or intervention of Mr. Orbegozo in any irregular event, but, in addition, proceeded to add that the prescription institute clearly concurred. Therefore, and with the appeal dismissed in its entirety, they agreed to convert the provisional dismissal into a free dismissal and, therefore, definitive.

The resolution provided in this order of June 3, 2022, expressly invoked by other defenses, has also contributed largely to the free dismissals decreed on June 23, 2022 by the titular Magistrate of the Central Court of Instruction No. 6 of the High Court National with respect to others investigated.

The team participating in the operation has been led by Cuatrecasas’ lawyer, Gonzalo Susaeta, partner in charge of the criminal area of ​​the Basque Country office.