CCA Law Firm: two decades of legal innovation in Portugal

Originally known as Carlos Cruz e Associados, CCA Law Firm is a Portuguese law firm that has been active for over two decades. The firm was associated with the Spanish firm Ontier for five years. Domingos Cruz, the managing partner, has steered the firm towards the adoption of emerging technologies and expansion into international markets, notably opening an office in Shanghai. In addition to being an entrepreneur and business angel, Cruz has played an active role in the evolution of the firm amidst a legal environment facing digitalization and globalization. In Iberian Lawyer, we have explored everything from his initial interest in law to his vision for the future of the profession.

by mercedes galán

Besides being an entrepreneur and business angel. What sparked your interest in dedicating your life as a lawyer?

With the wisdom of hindsight I believe I decided to become a lawyer, because not only did I have very strong examples of wonderful humanist lawyers in my family, but because I was drawn to everything that related to law from a young age –  I was mesmerized by the Raymond Burr’s Perry Mason in the eighties, or Steven Bochco L.A. Law Tv series, I craved for every new John Grisham’s book.

Fortunately enough, after actually managing to become a lawyer I was able to confirm that I was exactly where I wanted to be, doing what I wanted to do.  

What would you say has been the core value that has defined you throughout your career development?

A core belief that what me and all the lawyers at CCA Law Firm have been doing for the last 20 years mattered, and that by creating a healthy working environment all stars shine brighter.  

Could you tell us more about the firm and its origins?


Julia Gil

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