During the last decade, young people have been relocating in large numbers to Portugal. It is not hard to understand this phenomenon, as the country offers an enviable lifestyle. In many instances, this opportunity would not be possible without the existence of Teleperfomance. For many foreigners it has been their first job in Portugal and a stepping stone for their career as they learn the language. The French headquartered company achieved annual revenue in excess of €5 billion in 2020. Furthermore, in March 2021, Great Place to Work™ recognised Teleperformance Portugal as the 13th best company to work for in Portugal, and as the 1st in the ranking of companies with more than 1,000 employees. Iberian Lawyer interviewed TP Portugal’s Legal director Nuno Menezes, who shared with us his journey at the company, the open minded and diverse internal culture, as well as what he values most when seeking advice from external counsel.
Iberian Lawyer interviews Bárbara Sanjuán Pardo, a lawyer specialized in International and Corporate Law who didn't hesitate when BitBase, a Spanish buy-and-sell bitcoins company, offered to have her in as its Legal director. Despite her youth, she is at 27 years old, the person in charge of thoroughly analyze the applicable regulations in order to provide BitBase's clients with all the Legal guarantees and to ensure the efficiency of their operations. Although she is totally aware of the lack of information and misinformation that surrounds the cryptocurrency world, she confesses to being a dreamer - a visionary, in our view- who believes that, as long as it keeps been progressively regulated, this sector will gain its well-deserved space in the market.
Tuesday, 13 July 2021 06:41

Committed to a sustainable future

When a lawyer leaves the lucrative partnership of Morais Leitão at the age of 36, eyebrows would normally be raised. Even more so, when the said lawyer was one of their youngest partners ever at the age of just 31. Rui de Oliveira Neves, however, is the clear exception to the rule. During the last eight years, he has built one of the biggest and most sophisticated in-house Legal structures in Portugal. The team under Rui's leadership encompasses Spain, Brazil and Africa. During this interview, we go behind the scenes at Galp and understand what it takes to be selected on their panel of lawyers. As Iberian Lawyer uncovers, expertise and sector knowledge can be more important than a law firm's size. We also learn about Galp's climate change ambitions and their target to reduce absolute emissions from operations by 40% and net-zero on all scopes by 2050.
Venezuelan by origin, Diolimar García is the Corporate Legal Director of the Alarms and Corporate Affairs business of Prosegur for 26 countries, reporting directly to the Group General Counsel. With her, Iberian Lawyer was able to talk about innovation and how they apply technology to the company's services, the recent agreement with Microsoft, or the daily challenges for professionals in the Legal department. This lawyer and mother of two, whose name links deity and sea, has a professional career worth knowing. She believes in meritocracy and equal opportunities for all those who, with effort, talent and passion, seek to achieve their professional goals.
Marta Oñoro, general counsel at Allfunds for more than a decade, leads a Legal department made up of 15 people in seven different offices: Madrid, Milan, Luxembourg, London, Zurich, Paris and Singapore. She has been a witness and part of its international expansion and, in general, of the great growth experienced by this Spanish company founded in 2000. She defines her day-to-day life as "fun but intense" and, in this talk with Iberian Lawyer, she provides some clues on what the company looks for in external lawyers and recognises that the key to success is counting on a diverse and well-prepared team, as well as working with passion and enthusiasm.
For this month's in-house interview, Iberian Lawyer had the pleasure of speaking with Ida de Brandão Triães, global associate general counsel & legal lead Portugal and Spain, at McKinsey & Company. Mckinsey has a reputation for innovation, seeing the world differently and taking their clients on a journey to achieve greater success. This interview does not disappoint as we get a glimpse into the mindset, culture and legal department at McKinsey. Ida de Brandão Triães took the time to share her own personal journey and legal career to date, as well as her experience of working at a global management consulting firm with over 30,000 employees and more than $10 billion annually in revenue.
Wednesday, 19 May 2021 12:00

Clean energy has a bright future

China Three Gorges, or CTG for short, is considered the biggest clean energy group in China and the most prominent hydropower developer in the world. It also happens to be the largest shareholder of Portuguese electric utilities company and giant, EDP - Energias de Portugal. Iberian lawyer had the pleasure of interviewing Luiza Bartholomei. A Brazilian national, Luiza is currently head of Legal and Compliance for the European business units of this Chinese stateowned power company. Iberian Lawyer asked Luiza about how the business has faired during the pandemic, and she revealed that M&A opportunities in the energy sector have actually increased, despite all being conducted remotely.
The pandemic has also led to a revolution in housing models. According to the data managed by the idealista platform, COVID-19 has slowed down sales and mortgages, changed the price trend, boosted technology, and given prominence to new construction, villas and outdoor spaces, also accelerating the conversion of homes into offices and educational centres. We spoke to Andrea Viale, Legal manager at idealista, about these new models and how the Legal department has dealt with the health crisis.
Wednesday, 14 April 2021 10:36

Surviving two pandemics during 2020

To say that 2020 was a challenging year for Porto-headquartered Efacec would be a gross understatement. In this intriguing interview with general counsel Adeodato Pinto, the infamous Luanda Leaks scandal was discussed and the impact this had on the business. The company’s majority shareholder, Isabel dos Santos, who at the time was Africa’s richest woman, saw her assets frozen by the Angolan and Portuguese states. Despite these colossal challenges during this period, Efacec has fared admirably and, more importantly, survived, which resulted in the company becoming nationalised. Iberian Lawyer asked Adeodato about all of the challenges their Legal department faced, not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic and how external law firms are selected to work with Efacec.
It is clear from his words that we are dealing with an orchestra director who is used to composing and conducting all kinds of repertoires. It is not for nothing that John Rigau, Vice President and general counsel of PepsiCo Western Europe, is celebrating 30 years with the company, and now, when he talks about his career, he is also talking about his life. Rigau acknowledges that he is proud to belong to a senior management team made up of executives who developed their careers in the company and in which its CEO is a Barcelona native, Ramón Laguarta, who began his career at PepsiCo Spain and now heads a company that exceeds the three largest IBEX companies combined in terms of market capitalisation.
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