Friday 17 November 2017
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Lisbon reborn?

A new era has dawned in Portugal. Following a clean exit from the EU bailout, coupled and three consecutive quarters of GDP growth, a sense of optimism has returned to Lisbon.


Feeling the heat

Latin American investment is pouring into Spain as countries such as Mexico reverse the tide of corporate M&A deals. This leaves law firms with a crucial decision to make on how best to serve the Latin American market. Should you have an exclusive arrangement with a single firm or are looser, more informal arrangements the best way to pick up instructions?


Smart lawyers, smarter solutions

Companies worldwide are adapting to today’s digital economy and technological advances. So-called ‘disruptive technologies’ are transforming markets worldwide and pushing economies forward. Technology is taking over the business world, and the legal profession is not insulated from its effects. Recent changes within legal services are prompting increasing costs pressure from clients, and technology is proving an invaluable tool in resolving this.


The end of the alliance?

With experts saying the traditional law firm alliance model is going bust, new specialised and strategic options are emerging in the market. Clients are questioning the value of alliances, and so taking an ‘offensive’ approach and having an integrated strategy are key if they are to remain a viable model


A changing vision for legal services

The world has changed dramatically, and the traditional way that legal services have been provided is not appropriate for today’s market. The business environment that clients operate in is markedly different from recent years, even months. We are well and truly living the ‘new normal’ and while law firms have adjusted, this is no time to sit back and relax ─ their evolution is, and must continue to be, ongoing.


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