Monday 25 September 2017
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Improving the management and governance of companies - Clifford Chance

On 4 December, 2014, the Spanish Official State Gazette published Ley 31/2014, de 3 de diciembre, por la que se modifica la Ley de Sociedades de Capital para la mejora del gobierno corporativo (the LSC Reform Act) which amends the Spanish Companies Act (LSC) with a view to improving corporate governance. The LSC Reform Act entered into force on 24 December, 2014.


New competition authority powers used for first time - VdA

At the end of 2014, reinforced powers belonging to the Portuguese Competition Authority were applied for the first time in relation to two high profile cases. The first one concerned Sport TV Portugal and the broadcasting rights of sports events, mainly football. The second one involved Peugeot Portugal and related to warranties and independent repair shops.


The most successful apps protect personal data - Deloitte Abogados

Now that smartphones have become an established part of our daily lives, mobile applications (apps) of every type have arrived – some display the weather conditions, some advise us on health matters, while others enable us to perform bank transactions. There are even apps that inform us that we are getting closer to our favourite shops.


New rules for landlord-tenant lease agreements - F. Castelo Branco & Associados

A new law has been introduced to aid the implementation of new legislation relating to lease agreements between landlords and tenants. By way of background, one of the measures introduced as part of Portugal´s economic assistance programme – negotiated with the so-called ´Troika´ – was an amendment to the Urban Lease Law (Law 6/2006 of 27 February). The main purpose of the New Urban Lease Law (Law 31/2012 of 14 August), was to broaden conditions under which renegotiation of lease agreements is possible and to “ensure balanced rights and obligations of landlords and tenants”.


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