Friday 17 November 2017
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The benefits of reagreement in insolvencies - Roca Junyent

Law 22/2003, regarding insolvency, has been a hallmark piece of legislation in terms of legal doctrine, precedence and legislation, both with regards to its application and its various modifications, which have adapted to Spanish economic realities. It aimed to systematise and modernise the existing insolvency laws, but the economic context has changed drastically.


Regulatory changes for new forms of financing - pbbr

The Portuguese Stock Exchange Commission has issued new regulations concerning equity investment and financing in relation to crowdfunding. These regulations are not in force yet as new regulations concerning its criminal regime are required for that purpose.  These rules will contribute to the increased use of crowdfunding as a financial tool. Crowdfunding can be useful for the financing of new projects and ideas, which are still critical in the Portuguese market, especially for start–ups.


Lisbon: a safe shelter from the turmoil in Europe - Caiado Guerreiro

Europe is in the midst of economic, political and social turmoil. Brexit, the migrant crisis, the sovereign debt crisis and anti-European Union (EU) parties winning support in several countries bringing uncertainty. Despite the presence of political strategies capable of defending the European project, there is a business perspective that should be considered.


Brexit: The implications of the UK withdrawing from the EU - Clifford Chance

On 23 June the British will have their say on whether or not to remain in the European Union ("EU"). In the event the referendum is won by the leave camp and the UK withdraws from the EU (what is popularly termed Brexit), it will raise several key questions for markets such as that of financial services, where Community rules and the European supervisory authorities play a vital role.


Regulation of specialised alternative investment - Caiado Guerreiro & Associados

In 2015, the Portuguese Parliament passed Law no. 18/2015, which reviewed the legal framework of venture capital and established, for the first time, the rules of social entrepreneurship and specialised alternative investment in Portugal, by partially transposing Directives no. 2011/61/EU and 2013/14/EU, and assuring the enforcement of EU Regulations no. 345/2013 and 346/2013 in the Portuguese legal system.


A new step towards the digitalisation of AML compliance - Roca Junyent

  The enhanced due diligence measures required for non-face-to-face transactions under the Spanish Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are not suitable for all types of business relationships or transactions, and may create additional hurdles for the obliged subject, since (i) not all the customers have the electronic signature or (ii) the customer’s first payment does not always take place at the beginning of the relationship, let alone the hard copy of identification documents which totally distorts the nature of online transactions.


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