Monday 20 November 2017
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Drag-along and tag-along rights in private equity transactions - Araoz & Rueda

Private equity (PE) investments will typically confer on the investor certain special rights to control in a certain way how transfers of shares in the target company may/will occur. The primary purpose of such provisions is to protect both the value and the liquidity of its investment in the event of any projected transaction involving the share capital of the target company or the composition of its shareholding.


Changes but no 'tax-quakes' in the Portuguese 2008 Budget - Barrocas Sarmento Neves

Over the last decade the Portuguese annual budget has often produced what can be referred to as periodic 'tax-quakes', making radical structural amendments to Portuguese tax legislation. After 10 years of tax budgets aimed at harmonising the tax regime, simplifying administrative procedures and bringing it in line with EU directives, the time has arguably come for measures which stimulate foreign investment and the internationalisation of the Portuguese economy.


Due diligence in venture capital M&A transactions vs. industrial transactions - Araoz & Rueda

Francisco Aldavero
The due diligence process can be defined as the means by which an investor undertakes the relevant investigation and evaluates an investment opportunity before committing funds, including, inter alia, the gathering of data, the analysis of such data in order to identify any risk areas or circumstances and the use of the information obtained to set out the price and the commitments of the parties to the transaction – especially the vendor's representations and warranties, the compensations payable in case of breach of these commitments and the drafting of walk away clauses for the benefit of the investor.


Is Portugal catching the power sector wave? - Abreu Advogados

Manuel de Andrade Neves
Portugal has taken an important step toward the implementation of an internal energy market based on wave power. An ambitious goal has been set to create a wave power cluster that would allow Portugal to ultimately export technology and know-how, as Denmark accomplished with its early development of an onshore and offshore wind industry.


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