Sunday 17 December 2017
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Puerto Rican law firm set to close after 80 years

According to local media reports and independent market sources in Puerto Rico, a leading law firm has filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors. 

El Nuevo Dia, a leading newspaper in Puerto Rico which reported the apparent filing on May 10th, had previously written of "ongoing predicaments" at Fiddler González & Rodríguez in light of the negative economic climate prevailing on the island. The newspaper quoted market sources and also the filing of two confidential notices at the Bankruptcy Court in San Juan, a highly unusual development. 

Fiddler González & Rodríguez was founded in 1933 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Until recently, the firm was home to over 70 lawyers and staff members. 

Independent market sources, which spoke on condition of anonymity to The Latin American Lawyer, lent credibility to the media reports and lamented the demise of the law firm. 

Phone calls to the Fiddler offices were not answered on Friday.


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