Sunday 21 January 2018
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The In-House Club

"In challenging times it helps to have friends."

Iberia´s companies face increasing pressure to manage business risk and compliance issues.

The In-House Club and the Global Compliance Club are for company advisers and compliance officers – whether they are company secretaries, general counsel or heads of legal or compliance – with operational interests in Spain and Portugal.

More than 500 in-house lawyers and compliance officers currently participate in the group, receiving regular news and information on the profession or attending one of the regular training programmes, seminars or events.

The In-House Club and the Global Compliance Club have been established in consultation with in-house counsel and compliance officers with the assistance of a senior advisory council and a expert committee of compliance professionals.


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"Very interesting information and an excellent format for debating legal issues." 
Beatriz Martinez-Falero, General Counsel, Mahou-San Miguel

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"An interesting and useful tool for lawyers." 
Javier Folguera, General Counsel, Hispasat

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 "A crucial tool for company lawyers, with highly interesting topics, key legal information in a very appropriate format."
Miguel Soler Ruiz-Boada, Head of Legal, Prosegur Spain


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